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Destiny 2 details vaulted content for Year 5 and previews a Ghost shell for Festival of the Lost

For those who write their calendars around vault content in Destiny 2, you’ll want to divert your attention to a recent news post from Bungie talking about the shooter’s fifth year and its plans for vault content during that time.Get Destiny 2 now Year 5 will follow the events planned for Bungie’s 30th anniversary in December, wh

New World Day 11: EAC errors, burnout, mass-reporting, and PvP imbalance

If you’re one of the many people affected by the implementation of New World’s anti-cheat measures, you’ve probably been slammed by “untrusted system file” errors over the last day or so. Fortunately, Amazon posted a fix overnight. “We are aware that there are some issues with EAC and Steam preventing players fr

The Daily Grind: What’s an MMO UI feature you didn’t know you needed until you got it?

New World has a couple of settings I can’t recall seeing in many other MMORPGs. It’s got a toggle that allows you to flag yourself as somebody who doesn’t duel (so don’t duel-spam me bro), doesn’t have or want voice chat (don’t need to hear randoms eating), and plays only solo (so no need to invite to group). I

Warframe brings back the Nights of Naberus Halloween event all through October

There are plenty of things to get spooked by in the world of Warframe, but that doesn’t mean the multiplayer shooter is going to ignore the Halloween season. As a matter of fact, it’s proudly putting its scary side on display with the return of the Nights of Naberus event.Play Warframe for free Players can visit Daughter in the Necrali

Old School RuneScape changes its next League models following player feedback

The third season of Leagues in Old School RuneScape will offer players a lot of different rewards to earn, but the initial designs that were shown off to players in late September apparently had some issues. Players weren’t totally happy with all of them, and thus Jagex has published an update showing changes to the designs of these rewards

Today’s Guild Wars 2 update includes quality-of-life updates to the dye system

If using ALL the colors is your jam, you’ll want to scope out today’s Guild Wars 2 update, as it includes changes to the wardrobe system, specifically dyes. Play Guild Wars 2“Most of the strange issues that have manifested as the composite showing the wrong dyes, or skins flickering, have been the result of communication failures

Guild Wars 2’s Shadow of the Mad King is live – as is the bonus XP event

Play Guild Wars 2Happy Halloween, Tyrians: It’s time to pay homage to the Mad King Thorn in Guild Wars 2 once again, and you’ve got until November to partake (Twitter initially said November 2nd; the patch notes says November 9th). (Edit: The tweet has now been replaced, so it’s definitely the 9th!) “Once again, the gates

Gamigo’s charity project planted 200K trees with player donations – now that promo is permanent

If you can somehow remember early 2020 – and I know, it’s a painful ask – then you might remember that Gamigo began a major charity initiative with Eden Reforestation Projects. Essentially, the charity encouraged players of 19 Gamigo games – including ArcheAge, RIFT, and Trove – to buy garden-themed packages in the ga

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis teases Bouncer class, Halloween event while celebrating 9M players

It’s been a hot minute since we had a big announcement from Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, but SEGA’s brought the goods today. The company ran a stream this morning that announced a new mission pass, new quest type, Halloween event, and the latest class: the Bouncer. “The long-awaited Bouncer class has finally come to Phant

Twitch suffers massive data breach as a hacker gets away with source code and streamer payout details

Twitch is having a very bad day today as a hacker has managed to hack and release 125GB worth of data, which has since been shared in a torrent link on 4chan. Multiple sources have verified the files in question are legitimate, with the hack being described as effectively sharing the entirety of Twitch’s information. Among the details in the