Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis teases Bouncer class, Halloween event while celebrating 9M players

It’s been a hot minute since we had a big announcement from Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, but SEGA’s brought the goods today. The company ran a stream this morning that announced a new mission pass, new quest type, Halloween event, and the latest class: the Bouncer.

“The long-awaited Bouncer class has finally come to Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis! Excelling at close to mid-range combat, the Bouncer is nimble and highly skilled at mid-air combat with both Photon Arts (PA) and Techniques. The chosen weapons of the Bouncer are Soaring Blades and Jet Boots. Learn how to control your new weapons by training with Deirdre in Central City. Before heading there, you should know that Jet Boots are the only weapon that can take on the element of a chosen Technique, and that Soaring Blades can produce variations of the same attacks!”

The Bouncer, Mission Pass, and Battledia quest type all go live on October 13th, while the Halloween event is slated to begin on Octobrt 27th and run through November 24th; players will “Earn Seasonal Currency from completing limited-time tasks and defeating seasonal enemies and use it to purchase rewards like new stamps, Mag Forms, and more,” plus “Central City and the open world will be transformed with spooky, festive decorations.”

Source: Press release

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