Today’s Guild Wars 2 update includes quality-of-life updates to the dye system

If using ALL the colors is your jam, you’ll want to scope out today’s Guild Wars 2 update, as it includes changes to the wardrobe system, specifically dyes.

Play Guild Wars 2“Most of the strange issues that have manifested as the composite showing the wrong dyes, or skins flickering, have been the result of communication failures between these layers in particular circumstances that result in stale data being used to modify the composite,” Senior Gameplay Programmer Kyle Conroy explains. “I have made several updates to how data is passed around that should eliminate this class of problems, and result in things generally working as you expect when making multiple changes and/or moving between the Wardrobe tab and the Dye tab.”

Conroy does note that the system still has “some hard limitations that would require a more substantial effort to update” that won’t be taken care of in the near future; that includes applying armor and outfit dye updates simultaneously and storing pending dye changes to gliders and back slot items simultaneously.

“Outfits, gliders, and dyeable backpieces did not exist when the system was originally designed, and unfortunately there are design limitations with their addition to the existing system that would require a more substantial re-engineering to address,” he explains.

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