Old School RuneScape changes its next League models following player feedback


The third season of Leagues in Old School RuneScape will offer players a lot of different rewards to earn, but the initial designs that were shown off to players in late September apparently had some issues. Players weren’t totally happy with all of them, and thus Jagex has published an update showing changes to the designs of these rewards ahead of the third season’s release in November. For example, the Void Mage helm is now pointier and has a gem in the center to keep the theme a bit more active while also looking prettier.

Players can also look forward to a slightly different look for the Dwarven Multicannon, refinements to the Abyssal Whip and Tentacle Whip to make those two weapons look more different from one another, and different colors for the Rune Crossbow weapon so that it doesn’t look as similar to the Mithril Crossbow. Check out the full preview of the revisions on the official site.

Source: Official Site

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