The Daily Grind: What’s an MMO UI feature you didn’t know you needed until you got it?

New World has a couple of settings I can’t recall seeing in many other MMORPGs. It’s got a toggle that allows you to flag yourself as somebody who doesn’t duel (so don’t duel-spam me bro), doesn’t have or want voice chat (don’t need to hear randoms eating), and plays only solo (so no need to invite to group). I actually see folks using these, too, and I have to say I appreciate that they exist and that they allow you to set expectations for other players. I would love to see a few more, like “looking for a guild” for “not looking for a guild” (for unguilded people), “looking for PvP,” “looking for duo partner,” “looking to chat,” “seeking roleplayers,” “casual PvEer,” that sort of thing.

Another thing I didn’t anticipate? The toggle for pronouns. What a fantastic idea. All of these things are about setting expectations – the expectations other players can have of you, and expectations the game can have for you too.

What’s an MMO UI feature you didn’t know you needed until you got it?

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