New World Day 11: EAC errors, burnout, mass-reporting, and PvP imbalance

If you’re one of the many people affected by the implementation of New World’s anti-cheat measures, you’ve probably been slammed by “untrusted system file” errors over the last day or so. Fortunately, Amazon posted a fix overnight.

“We are aware that there are some issues with EAC and Steam preventing players from accessing New World,” the studio wrote. “If you encounter this issue, we recommend re-installing EAC or verifying the game file through Steam to resolve this issue and get back to playing.” You’ll basically be navigating to the EasyAntiCheat folder under your local Steam install of the game and running the setup file’s repair service; there’s a whole walkthrough if you need more than that.

That’s not the only issue that’s hitting the game as it’s entered its second week. The MMO rookies and rushers have long since hit level 60 and are apparently already fighting burnout, other folks are feeling “behind,” PvPers are noting that endgamers are mass-reporting their enemies to flag them for automatic temporary bans, and the three-way war on some servers has quickly become a two-party system. Of course, if you’re just happily playing the game at a nice calm rate, you won’t notice any of this. Ahh, MMOs.

Source: New World. Cheers, elenie!

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