Destiny 2 details vaulted content for Year 5 and previews a Ghost shell for Festival of the Lost

For those who write their calendars around vault content in Destiny 2, you’ll want to divert your attention to a recent news post from Bungie talking about the shooter’s fifth year and its plans for vault content during that time.Get Destiny 2 now

Year 5 will follow the events planned for Bungie’s 30th anniversary in December, which will incidentally see the release of the Witch Queen expansion and the game’s next season. Along with all of the season’s content, players can look forward to a classic raid, two PvP maps from D2, and one classic PvP map from the original Destiny to come out of the vault.

Meanwhile, the Forsaken expansion’s campaign and the Tangled Shore will be entering the vault in February 2022, though that entire expansion’s campaign will be free for all players between December 7th and the date of its vaulting. This particular part of the announcement has not been met with a great deal of enthusiasm, as players respond with dismayed memes and one player who says the expansion was never owned by buyers to begin with.

In more immediate D2 news, the game is preparing for the Festival of the Lost, its combined Halloween and Dia de los Muertos in-game holiday, and this year’s seasonal event will lean a bit more into its Dia de los Muertos origins with a colorful Calavera Ghost shell. The next update will also add Grandmaster Nightfalls, adjustments to the Corrupted, and some cross-play UI tweaks as well.

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