Blade & Soul brings its Blade & Ghoul events around for another season of Halloween fun

It’s the spookiest time conceivable for Blade & Soul once again as the annual Blade & Ghoul events roll onto the live servers once more. Take part in a variety of events starting today and running until November 10th, ranging from polishing up some ancient lamps for treasures like festival coins to helping close rifts to a parallel p

PUBG is adding Halloween decorations to Erangel and the ability to carry teammates and enemies in October

No, we don’t mean “carry” in the sense that your sole performance is the thing that makes your entire team win a match in PUBG; we mean the ability for players to pick up their downed teammates, drape them over their shoulder, and move them to somewhere safe. That’s one of the features of Update 14.1, which will land on PC

Frozen Flame’s Brave New World update adds new magic systems, combat updates, and progression trees

The multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame has taken some big new steps. Steps so big, the game’s latest update has skipped ahead a couple of version numbers and is noted as the end of its second closed beta and entering a new phase of closed beta/early access. You could say it’s a Brave New World. Mostly because that’s what the u

Profane takes a jog over all sorts of different terrain to show off footfall VFX in latest Twitter thread

When you’re dashing through an MMO’s world, how carefully are you staring at your feet? Probably not very closely, if we had to guess. That said, little details like footfalls making some sort of effect or impact on the ground are a nice little flavor touch, and Profane is making sure that little detail isn’t skipped according to

The Cycle plans closed beta on September 30 and previews rewards for veteran players

The development track for PvPvE shooter The Cycle has been a nebulous thing for a while now. Originally set to launch on Steam last year but missing the mark and promising a Q3 release for this year that’s possibly uncertain, the game has been otherwise running public alpha tests over the course of the last few months. Now, it appears ready

Book of Travels explores its card-based gambling minigame, begins earlybird access October 1

The multiple-times-delayed tiny MMO Book of Travels is still on track for an October early access launch, which means that Might and Delight is still pushing out tidbits and teasers. The latest is actually a featurette for Passage, which is basically a taboo minigame you can play in the MMO. “While the game play is relatively simple, the ca

Betawatch: Guild Wars 2 continues its End of Dragons beta events

It’s been many long moons since Guild Wars 2 was really in beta, and if you were here when that happened… well, you’re me. I was here for that. But the game’s next expansion is on its way, and that means that the game has hosted another beta test for three of its elite specs along with the DirectX 11 version of the title. Y

The MOP Up: Shattersong Online binds a universe of worlds together

Here’s an interesting 2-D MMO project that’s being made by some former Starbound devs. It’s called Shattersong Online, and it alleges that it can connect a sea of worlds together for a single shared universe. “The universe, which we call the aether, is split into many worlds, which we call shards. Each shard is exactly one

Steam preloading for Amazon’s New World has begun

MMO gamers, start your engines: You can now begin downloading New World on Steam ahead of the launch tomorrow. Amazon’s been disapatching Steam codes this morning as well, so if you signed up in the long long ago, make sure you check your email account. Do note that this is a staggered launch; server-up is 8 a.m. EDT for those of us at the M

EVE Online begins testing a new deployable that summons rogue drone swarms

The Researching the Rogues event in EVE Online looks to be expanded into a regular form of gameplay for capital-class ships in the game with the release of the Rogue Analysis Beacon, a new deployable that’s currently being tested on Singularity.Play EVE Online for free This new beacon requires the power of a dreadnought, carrier, supercarrie